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Welcome to the self-discovery journey while pursuing the achievement of leadership potential. This is an exciting journey as you explore optional strategies to access, to absorb, to practice and to apply, on your quest to reach your goal. I assume that goal to be one of becoming a better leader.

Each of the following chapters concentrates specific and learnable skill areas. The practical and relevant skill areas are analyzed, simplified, and provided easy to understand and acquire behavioral application. The expectation is that of the learner to put the effort into the transformation to improved leadership by committing to the leadership development concept. It is fair to assume that there first is DESIRE, on the part of the reader/learner, to desire to improve his or her leadership; second, DETERMINATION, that the learner/reader sincerely engages in the reading, comprehension, and practice application of each skill/topic area associated with leadership improvement.

Most importantly, it is recommended that the interested participant put on the hat of explorer and bring a knapsack/container of humor, along with a generous container/canteen of humility. One must explore and concentrate beyond the immediate biases and prejudices and focus sharply on that delicate balance of healthy confidence and compelling modesty.

Finally, the most significant recommendation is to imitate many of the great leaders that are presented and that "Learning should be FUN".

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